Congratulations!! We are SO excited about your engagement!  This should be one of the most exciting times of your life, not the most stressful! 

We are here to help you visualize and plan out all the details from planning your engagement session all the way to capturing your exit from the reception. 

An experience that makes you feel comfortable and confident so that we can create art with your relationship.

The HSP Wedding Photography Experience

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You deserve a comfortable wedding photography experience - so you can be present and in the moment with the people you love.

One of the most common phrases we hear is "we are so awkward and don't know what to do"!! We want to assure you that you don't need to know what to do. HS Photo and Co photographers help you go from planning your engagement session to absolutely loving how you look in your pictures. 

We’ve got you covered every step of the way! We will take you from "We don't know what we're doing" to "This is easy! We love photos"! Comfortable and confident so that you can be focused on what matters the most, the people you're celebrating with. 

it's not your job to know how to pose, the best lighting, and how to act natural in photos.

Lauren & Steven

"When I book Hiliary, I know I can expect beautiful images, a quick gallery return, professionalism, and FUN!! Hiliary makes everyone feel so comfortable and is able to capture genuine smiles and moments!"

Rachel & Greg

"No other photographer compares to Hiliary and her ability to take beautiful photos AND make you feel comfortable and natural taking them. With Hiliary I can completely trust and know I will love how I look in the pictures she takes."


"Best. Photographer. Ever. Hiliary was fantastic! Very professional and so talented. A perfect experience from start to finish. Would recommend 100%!


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Inquire about availability on your wedding day. This first step is always done with Hiliary. I will send you pricing as well as availability for our different photographers. Utah has a shorter booking time than any other state. The first thing you need to do is inquire so that we can save your wedding date on the calendar! After you have signed the contract and paid the retainer your personal wedding photographer will reach out to set up a consultation.

Step 1: 


After your date is booked your personal photographer will reach out to schedule a wedding consultation. This is where so much of the fun happens! We get to know the story of how you met your fiance and all the details you have planned so far for the wedding! During the consultation we go over our entire wedding process to help you get comfortable with our wedding photography experience!

Step 2: 


After the wedding consultation is complete and your photographer has a feel for what type of engagements and formals you want, your personal wedding photographer will send you 1-3 dates that will work for engagements and formals. Getting these dates on the calendar is a very important step!

Step 3: 


Picking out outfits and taking your engagements! Can you even believe it? Engagement pictures are when things start to feel real. You're getting married!! The engagement session is SO important! This is where you learn all the foundations of posing. The session usually lasts between 60-90 minutes and your photographer will help you pick out two different "scenes" for variety in your gallery. Your personal photographer will help you feel comfortable and natural during pictures. 

Step 4: 


Formals + your first look session. We have so many blog posts on why a first look and formal session BEFORE your wedding can make such a positive impact on the wedding day. We encourage ALL of our couples to book a formal + first look session. During this session you are going to get more and more comfortable taking pictures, getting to know your photographer, and getting a test run for you full wedding attire. This session is where all the wedding day kinks are ironed out ahead of time. 

Step 5: 


YOUR WEDDING DAY! This day is so special and fun because by the time your wedding rolls around you are completely comfortable with your wedding photographer! We are there every step of the way to help things go smoothly. Our biggest focus on your wedding day is you feeling in the moment and stress-free so that you can enjoy the day with your loved ones!

Step 6: 

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All photography packages include engagements, formals + first look, and 4 hours minimum on the wedding day. 

Packages with Hiliary start at $2400+ tax and packages with associate photographers start at $1600+ tax. 

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