4 Reasons Engagement Pictures Are Important

Here are 4 Common Reasons I hear that engagement pictures are important over and over again as a wedding photographer in Utah.

#1 Quality Of Professional Work

Contrary to some Brads’, Dads’, and Chads’ opinions, your iPhone will never match the quality of a professional grade camera. I wish it could because my iPhone is much easier to bring around and use, but technology is just not there yet. A professional grade camera will set these pictures apart from your every day iPhone pictures for years to come. This is something to be excited about because your engagement pictures will be legacy pictures that you can show off for generations.

#2 Just The Two of You

Most likely, this is the first time you and your partner have taken professional pictures. You might have taken family pictures with each others families, but not images where you two are the entire focus. You probably won’t take pictures again for a while after you’re married. For the rest of your wedding images you will be dressed in your wedding attire so these are the only pictures that capture the two you how you naturally are every day. These engagement pictures mean a lot to you and that’s okay! I give you permission to cherish these photos. If your partner isn’t as into pictures as you are, surely they can understand the importance of these pictures and care about something that is important to you. Having a partner who isn’t excited about their engagement pictures doesn’t worry me at all. It’s very common for one partner to be less excited. I make it my mission to make everyone happy and comfortable during our session. After shooting with Hiliary’s Photography, typically the partner who was less excited to begin with, is just as excited about seeing their engagement pictures.

#3 You Want Your Engagement Pictures To Look Nice

This one always feels like the elephant in the room… but of course you want to look good in your pictures. Whenever I hear someone say “I don’t like pictures” I think to myself “I’ve never seen someone see a good picture of themselves and just say they don’t want it…”.

When someone says they don’t love pictures, they are usually trying to express a fear of looking bad in pictures or feeling uncomfortable. I totally understand being nervous.

I want to assure you I am the professional. I work so hard, and I’m really good (read what others have said on google), at making you feeling comfortable and confident. You aren’t in charge of how your session turns out. It’s my job to understand lighting, camera settings, posing, and create a fun environment; however, one grumpy partner can impact this a lot. If you are worried about your partner’s attitude the whole time, I can almost guarantee you won’t like your pictures.

If you are reading this as the partner who “doesn’t like pictures” I really encourage you to show up with your best attitude, and trust me, and if you can give me that, I can promise you will love your pictures.

#4 Piece Of Art For Your Home

Making art is one of my favorite things, and one of my clients’ favorite things as well. You want your engagement pictures to capture your personalities and have a mixture of smiling at the camera, candid, as well as romantic and artistic. If you can’t tell from previous posts, I love helping my clients get the most variety out of their images. I suggest that clients wear two outfits for their engagement session as well as take a variety of pictures from close up to wide shots.

Clients often tell me they are excited for their shoot because they have seen my wide angle shots and they are artistic. If you trust me, your images can truly be a piece of art for your home. Here are some examples of my favorite artistic wide shots that we have been able capture.

Sunset bridal picture
Wide shot mountain bride and groom
Engagement Pictures
engagement pictures
engagement pictures
engagement pictures
engagement pictures

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