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South Weber Family Photographer

Cassie and I met the summer before 6th grade in South Weber. I moved from Roy to South Weber and I thought my life was ending. I would have never guessed that 15 years later I would be a South Weber Family Photographer. At the time I played on the best softball team in town. We were the Weber County Champs like three years in a row. I had a really close knit group of 5th grade friends. My mom graduated college as a single mom and bought her first house in South Weber. I didn’t even realize what a big deal that was because all I could focus on was that I was switching schools, losing friends, and quitting softball, and as far as my life was concerned it was over.

I will never forget when Cassie and Conner Berg walked over with a plate of cookies in hand to introduce themselves. That is still the exact type of friend that she is to this day. Cassie and I were the same age, and pretty much best friends from the start. We spent the next 5 years walking to the school bus together, taking the same advanced math classes, and creating what sounds like a burn book, but instead of dirty rumors about all the girls we hated, it had every single detail of every boy we had a crush on for the last 4 years. Cassie is a HUGE part of not just my childhood, but my entire life. I can’t believe that we get to be moms together now.

I will never forget telling my close group of friends that I was pregnant and wishing for twins and Cassie saying well I’m having twins!!! Somehow we had babies in the same week, and now those little blonde twins and Mina get to dance together every single week. After dance Cassie makes me lunch, which doesn’t really make sense considering she’s the one with 4 babies. But that’s just the kind of friend she is. I am so grateful for Cassie! It was so fun to be a South Weber Family Photographer for their family since that’s where it all started.

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