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Draper LDS Temple Wedding | Spencer & Makenna

Draper LDS Temple Wedding | Spencer & Makenna

LDS Temple Wedding Covid Precautions

This Draper LDS Temple Wedding was the perfect Covid Wedding. Because of Covid-19 LDS temples are only allowing immediate family members into temple sealings. This is such a big contrast from what an LDS temple wedding usually looks like. Lds Temple Weddings are the only type of weddings where family pictures can include up to 100 people. Usually large groups gather outside the temple for the couple to exit.  After they all congratulate the couple- EVERYONE gathers for a huge group photographer. It’s a tradition that goes back many many years. To keep the spread of Covid down LDS temples came out with strict regulations on pictures being taken. The tradition of 100 guests waiting for you to walk out of this sacred building changed overnight.

Formal Session Before Wedding

To be honest we weren’t even sure if we could take pictures of the couple at the Draper LDS Temple ahead of time. The couple had been told no professional photographer when they exited, but that’s really all they were told. We wanted to take pictures quickly and be as respectful as possible. We decided to go a few nights before their sealing. This made there actual wedding day super intimate and low stress. They had all their pictures taken ahead of time, so they had a short 30 minute ceremony with only their parents and siblings around. Like I said before- this is completely different than the tradition of an LDS wedding. Couples have had to adapt so many times to make their weddings happen this year.

The Draper LDS Temple

The Draper LDS temple is one of my favorite temples. It’s gold details make it feel so elevated and classy. Because we went a few days before their wedding we were able to take these pictures during golden hour. This is actually something I would recommend to every single couple if I could. When you photograph the couple after their sealing it can be any time of day. The temple is so beautiful and its just so much fun to get pictures done during golden hour.

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