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Covid Birthday

At the beginning of Covid it felt so weird to miss out on celebrations. Everyone felt like they were getting the short end of the stick. A year into the pandemic, everyone can relate to having a covid birthday. Extroverts can relate to how much it sucks to not celebrate with those you love. Every introvert probably relished in the fact that they got a no pressure holiday truly about themselves. Poor little Mina’s did not appreciate her covid birthday.

Going Back To School

I sent her school in person. This definitely complicated things. Her birthday was in October and school had just started in September. Naturally cases started rising. I tried to be so careful and cautious. Mina got sick few days before her birthday. She didn’t really have covid symptoms. We couldn’t go back to normal until we got her covid tested. It ended up being that she got tested on her actual birthday because I was traveling for work. I didn’t feel comfortable traveling if either of us tested positive. The test was negative but she still felt off so she quarantined for her dad for a few weeks while I got a double test so I could fly out of town for a wedding.

Mina Turns 6

At first I tried to downplay that it was October 5th.  Celebrating a little bit while she was sick felt weird. I figured I would just tell her that it was her birthday after my work trip. I didn’t want to kind of celebrate while she was sick. Mina is too smart and this completely backfired.

I didn’t realize how sad it made her until I was putting her to bed and she said this is the worst birthday ever. Mina started talking about things she had done for previous birthdays. I had no clue she even remembered past birthdays. Looking back, I should have still celebrated her at home with our traditions. I skipped them all because I thought it would be better to celebrate bigger later. It felt like the right decision at the time. Mina loves to celebrate. Mina was so disappointed with her Covid Birthday.  To make up for it, I’ve tried to celebrate here and there but it’s safe say it was a disaster. So here you have Mina’s Covid Birthday pictures, 6 months late!!!!

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