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Utah Extended Family Photographer | Layton Utah

Utah Extended Family Photographer | Layton Utah

I love being a Utah extended family photographer. As soon as I tell people that I photograph extended families they start telling me how awful that would be. It is hard. But I love it so much! I love it because I have the ability to make it a good experience for so many people. It’s so cool to know that you are 100% in control of creating an experience for your client. You read that right. Your family doesn’t determine how the session goes. It’s okay if you have a difficult sibling. It’s okay if there is some family tension. Every family has a tricky dynamic that we have to work with, but you know what? Every family loves each other so dang much. The tension isn’t worth sacrificing these moments that you can’t get back.

When you book an extended family session with me it truly is enjoyable. I start by getting to know your family through the  individual that booked. I let them know exactly what to expect so that they can pass that on to the rest of the family. There is so much tension coming into the session and by the time everyone leaves they are telling me how much fun they had. My extended family sessions are under an hour almost every single time. You can tell the “picture-hater” in your family that they can do anything for an hour.

Davis County Extended Family Photographer

This session is from one of my favorite locations in Davis County. I love being a Davis County Extended Family Photographer because I grew up in Davis county and know all the best spots to go. Depending on the time of year we might go to a park with trees like this or up in the mountains to find some wild flowers. Where do you see your extended family taking pictures?

Utah Extended Family Photographer Utah Extended Family Photographer Utah Extended Family Photographer Utah Extended Family Photographer Utah Extended Family Photographer Utah Extended Family Photographer grandma and grandpa Utah Extended Family Photographer mom and dad kissing siblings grandma and grandpa summer family pictures grandma and grandpa smiling at the camera Utah Extended Family Photographer

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