Salt Lake City Photographer | Speters Family

Salt Lake City Photographer | Speters Family

As soon as someone asks for urban family pictures I become a Salt Lake City Photographer. It’s the best place for rooftop sessions. Hailey is one of my best friends in the whole world. We have known each other since high school. We were college roommates. We’ve been able to really bond over shared grief while going through divorces together. Hailey is a single mama and works so hard for her little boy. I have really been fortunate to get a front row seat in their lives. We have taken pictures with a lot of different settings but these Salt Lake City Family Pictures are some of my favorite. There outfit in an urban setting look SO good!

Single Mom

One story about Hailey that really stands out to me is right after her divorce she called me on her way down to Southern Utah. She had decided to run a half marathon completely by herself. She packed an overnight bag and everything she needed to run and left town without anyone knowing. She had so many doubts the night before and almost didn’t do it. But once she crossed the finish line she really started to get a grasp on her own strength. It didn’t come from anyone else. She teaches me that everything I need is within me.

Hailey has continued to grow her physical, mental, and emotional strength. While working at Vasa she has really honed in on her personal strengths. She’s not only moved up in the kid care department but she also got certified as a cycle instructor. Which means I cycle now. I hate it. But I love going to her classes.

Rooftop Session Salt Lake City

During this session with Hailey and Jax I told her to just interact with Jax. Think about their relationship. And do something that they do together. She started repeating the affirmations, with actions to match, I am strong. I am brave. I am smart. I am fun. Hailey reminds everyone around her about their personal strengths and I’m so lucky that I get to be apart of that circle. But Jax is even more lucky to call her Mom.


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She’s telling him affirmations. I am brave. I am smart. I am fun. So so so sweet.

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