Layton Extended Family Photographer | Reese Family

Layton Extended Family Photographer | Reese Family

Hands down, the best part of my move from Cache Valley to Davis County is being a Layton Extended¬† Family Photographer. I grew up in Davis County and it is so much fun to work in places I’m so familiar with. I love family sessions, but add in grandparents and I love it even more. This sweet mama invited her parents to her family session. It wasn’t a full extended family session. She wanted pictures with her girls and her parents and I thought that was so sweet. I’m definitely doing this with my parents this year. I love when my clients make their session unique so it’s truly what they want out of it.

Kayscreek – Layton Extended Family Session

When you are a Layton Extended Family Photographer you need to have more than one location with a big area to shoot in. For some reason this spot is becoming super popular. It is super beautiful! But there are also other beautiful locations as well. Some things to know about this location. It only has about 10 parking spots. If you can’t find a parking spot make sure you are parking LEGALLY up the street and not blocking anyone’s drive way. More than once last year the cops showed up to tow and ticket cars that were parked illegally. This location is so beautiful and so crowded. Remember when you’re at a location like this.

Summer Outfits

This is also a really great session to get outfit inspiration from. A lot of moms wonder what to wear to family pictures and while I have a lot of tips, you have to choose something you feel good in. Even if everyone else loves what you are wearing, if you don’t feel confident, you aren’t going to like what you are in. A few quick tips are pick a dress. Dresses are really flattering on every single body type. Pick your outfit first, and pick everyone else’s outfits after yours!


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