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Dear Mama, Let Your Kids Be Little

My only goal during our photoshoot is to capture your little family exactly as they are. This can actually be hard for a lot of people. It’s easy to show up to your photoshoot and want your kids to perform perfectly. When viewing others’ family photos on Instagram it’s easy to see perfect moments, but I can promise that NO ONE has a perfect session.

Don’t get me wrong, I know what these pictures mean to you, and promise we will get “perfect” pictures. They are just always feel perfectly imperfect when it’s your own family being photographed. If there is anyone in the world that truly understands the importance of family portraits, it’s a photographer. I value pictures more than most people. I know that you spent a a lot of money on this photoshoot. I know that you spent hours picking outfits. You spent even more time getting everyone ready.

You have such a hard job making this shoot come to life. There is no way this photoshoot would even be happening if it weren’t for you. Most of the iPhone pictures are of your kids and your spouse, because you are the one documenting life’s moments. You are rarely the one in the pictures. The last thing you want is your kids misbehaving for this shoot.

One of my favorite hashtags on instagram to view more documentary style images is #childhoodunplugged

Let Your Kids Be Little Let Your Kids Be Little Let Your Kids Be Little

Capture Them As They Are

Dear Mama, Let Your Kids Be Little because I spend a lot time working to get nice smiles with the most flattering poses, but at the end of the day,  your kids will perform well for pictures the rest of their lives.  The older they get, the easier the sessions get. You can never get that three-year-old goofiness back again. You will never get to hold those chunky cheeks closest to your face and just squeeze your toddler. There will always be time for better more authentic smiles. But I want to freeze your family in time. I want to capture your kids exactly as they are.

Let Your Kids Be Little Let Your Kids Be Little Let Your Kids Be Little Let Your Kids Be Little Let Your Kids Be Little

Smiles and Personality

Dear Mama, Let Your Kids Be Little because, yes, I will photograph the traditional smiling at the camera type of pictures. We will get plenty of the smiling at the camera pictures.  I promise that even with the grumpy toddler we will get a really nice traditional pictures. I also promise that I will capture the mama’s boy clinging so hard onto mom, that he doesn’t want his own portrait taken. I will capture the kid that gets hangry and needs some snacks during the session. I will photograph that first child that is so good at telling the younger siblings what to do, that they forget to smile themselves.

Letting your child’s personality shine at the photoshoot is what makes your shoot so unique and personal. Don’t worry about them behaving. I promise I am looking at everything going on and making magic.


Let Your Kids Be Little

Experience With All Kids

Dear Mama, Let Your Kids Be Little because I have worked in daycares, been a nanny, taken child development classes, and babysat for tons of people. I am really good with your kids. After you have worked so hard to get everyone to the shoot, I want you to just relax. I want you to be present with your family and let me do the hard work. I promise the gallery will be better than you imagined.

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Let Your Kids Be Little Let Your Kids Be Little Let Your Kids Be Little Let Your Kids Be Little Let Your Kids Be Little Let Your Kids Be Little Let Your Kids Be Little

Reviewing Your Gallery

When you get your pictures back, take a minute to tell yourself three things you love about yourself and each family member. Look at all the little details that have been photographed. Make sure to feel while looking at your beautiful family.

I know that in the past when I have gotten my own family photos back, it can be so easy to criticize myself and my child. I have been focusing on all the personality that my photographer captures instead, and this changes the entire view process for me. It’s really fun to notice the details and see my child’s personality shine.

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