3 Tips To Prepare For Your Engagement Session

One big secret that no one tells you is that everyone is nervous for their engagement pictures. You aren’t alone. I found myself typing this out in a text message over and over again for different clients so I figured it was time to make a blog post so that you didn’t feel alone. If you are a #happilyhilcouple then you are someone who really cares about artistic pictures that feel natural and capture the connection between you and your partner. You also want to feel comfortable and have a good time. That is what I specialize in. I want to acknowledge that you’ve made an investment in your wedding photography and we would never take that for granted. If you implement these 3 tips to prepare for your engagement session you are going to love every second of getting your pictures taken.

Tip #1 Communicate Ahead Of Time

This tip sounds too simple which is exactly why it’s so easy to overlook. Pause right now, pull out a piece of paper or your notes app, and write down 3 reasons your engagement session is important to you, now copy and paste those reasons into a text message and fire it off to your partner, or just send them this blog post and tell them it would mean a lot if they read over it.

I linked below another blog post I’ve written about why engagement pictures matter.

4 common reasons that I hear over and over again as a Utah Wedding Photographer

Tip #2 Prepare By Looking Through My Blog

My blog is full of different sessions. Inspiration often comes for me when I’m looking through Pinterest or another artists blog. This can give you outfit inspiration as well as location inspiration. I do want to preface this with no two sessions are ever going to turn out the same, and we wouldn’t want them to. Your session will be unique to you and your partner, the lighting, outfits, and time of year. But looking for inspiration and getting familiar with different poses can help you to feel comfortable when you come to your session.

Tip #3 Practice Affirmations

I’m not even embarrassed to be posting this online because I know it’s one of the best ways to prepare for your photoshoot. If you can’t tell me what you love about yourself when you see a picture of yourself, then how would I be able to create pictures you love? It’s a skill you are going to develop overnight, but start now with telling yourself something you like about yourself when you see a picture of yourself and I promise it will make a difference. I’ll never forget a time when I got my family pictures back from one of the very best photographers in Utah. I had saved and saved for this session and I absolutely hated the images. Of course the images were technically shot well and edited beautifully but I hadn’t been practicing self love and that’s exactly what was reflected when I viewed my pictures. I had to really slow myself down and tell myself everything I loved about the pictures. These are still the ones I have framed in my house 4 years later.

If you still need a little confidence boost on feeling ready for your engagement session you can Read Reviews Here to see how others feel when shooting with Hiliary’s Photography.

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