Olympus High Senior Photographer | Hunter’s Senior Session

Olympus High Senior Photographer

I have to say that this session as an Olympus High Senior Photographer was the most fun session I did all spring. Hunter was A M A Z I N G! He seriously listened to everything I said. Not only did he listen, but he mad it 10 Xs better than what I asked. I was like this might be a weird, but can we try this. He was game every single time. I wanted to ask his mom so many questions about how he was raised because he was SO confident. It honestly just felt like a session where I got to be an artist and hangout with a really rad friend. You know I’m feeling artsy when I use the word rad. HAHA! I’m not going to lie. I think we created magic.

Utah State Capitol Senior Session

We met at the capitol in the morning and we had the best light because it was overcast. There is a myth that overcast is always better for a photoshoot and that’s actually not true. There are many situations in which an overcast day is really hard to shoot in because the light is too cool. It also can make for dark rings under the eyes, and obviously no one wants that.  But the Utah State Capitol

Olympus High School Senior

Hunter got a job in SLC after graduating high school. He’s excited to move into an apartment with friends. He has plans to attend The University of Utah in the fall. Going back to school is still so up in the air, so that might be virtual for now. It’s crazy to think about how these big life events are so different for people right now. I graduated college 10 years ago. Doing senior sessions this year was really a trip down memory lane. I feel so bad for everything they are missing. They are learning about the real world quicker than most kids get to learn about it. I think they are going to be prepared for the future in a really cool way. Hunter is going to do incredible things in this next chapter of his life. I only hung out with him for an hour, but man. I was just so impressed!

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