Ogden Extended Family Photographer | Harper Family

Ogden Extended Family Photographer | Harper Family

I have loved being back in Davis County because it means that I get to photograph so many families that I know and love. Being an Ogden Extended Family Photographer is one of my favorite things. I love photographing big families. Especially when the families are ones that I grew up with. I grew up just down the street from the Harpers in South Weber. Tayler and I were best friends. We met in elementary school and graduated high school together. I spent so much time going to baseball tournaments, boating, camping, and talking about every single crush we ever had. Tayler and I went through all the phases of growing up together. Her parents, Toni and Tracy, are like second parents to me.

Ogden Extended Family Photographer

I loved seeing everyone together with their growing families. For some reason it’s not weird that my parents are grandparents, but seeing my friends parent’s as grandparents blows my mind. Haha. Tayler and Travis are twins so we are all the same age. We competed in the 6th grade softball game against teachers together. We went to our first high school dances together. We would have had our 10 year high school reunion this summer if it wasn’t for covid.

Snowbasin Wild Flowers

I’ve said it before but I am just in love with the Snowbasin Wildflowers. I love taking people up here. The yellow flowers bloom earlier than any other wildflowers in Utah. If you want pictures with these flowers then you have to schedule them for late May or early June. At the end of the summer the hills turn to a yellow, which is still beautiful, but a completely different look. You always have to watch out for snakes with this location. I think it’s worth it! What about you?


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